Dabble In The Dust

One unique building, 300 Incredible Paintings and a Welcome $3000. Wine, Art & Auction.

31 September was a day long awaited and prepared for - Art came from all over Australia, to little ol' Warialda.

As a community lover and a local community business supporter, Ann (aka Mum) was part putting together Dabble In The Dust – the exhibition to celebrate local art and thank the businesses who contributed to the David Moor art that now dresses the buildings of Warialda.

The evening also raised money for drought relief to local families and the art prize for the local show.

If you haven’t seen any of Davids art – you are missing out. This artist is a character himself, drawing sketches of local personalities, and bringing Australian humour to the business that is country life in drought, in community, in clubs and in family.

We were happy to have our Red Carpets welcome the guests and set the tone for the evening.