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Why rent a mat?

Five reasons you should rent a mat.

1. Extend the life of your floor.

70% of all dirt entering buildings is via foot and wheeled traffic (e.g. trolleys). The main feature of a mat service is that the mat is removed with its load of dirt, grit, moisture and grease. Only 20% of dirt is removed by vacuuming. Carpets wear thin through dirt & grit abrasion, wooden floors need to be stripped & resealed, and tiled floors need premature replacement.

2. Enhance the appearance and presentation of your business

Match the mat to your d├ęcor. Change the colours or messages to create interest. Have your own mat made with your logo and or tag line.

3. Reduce cleaning time and costs

The mats are at work 24/7. Reduce slips and falls from wet floors. Save on expensive entrance mats that quickly fill with dirt and become ineffective.

4. Regularly the best

Services weekly (in some areas), fortnightly and 4 weekly.

The standard mat is the medium size 90 x 150 cm and charcoal in colour.

Next is the large at 115 x 175cm.

Please note: it is important to make sure you can fit 3 walking pace steps on the mat for adequate dirt retention.

5. Request to see some samples or have our range of mats emailed to you

You can own your own mat and we will simply clean it for you. Rental price ranges from $5 to $15 per week depending on size and service frequency.