Sanitary Disposal Service

We have a range of Feminine Hygiene units for small business, schools and government departments. We also have units for nappies and clinical waste.

At each service the unit is removed and replaced by a fully sterilised unit containing a fragrance liner and sanisorb* (see below). Eliminates odour and risk of infections, no added water and avoids waste blocking toilets and drains.

The units are moulded in Australia to Australian design and hygiene specifications using high speed injection moulding. Side opening trap faces the user at toilet seat height. The unique slimline low profile design is user friendly and unobtrusive even in the smallest cubicle. Some units can be wall mounted for better access to floors for cleaning.

Historically the method employed to treat the sanitary waste has been to soak the contents in a chemical liquid/vapour. This method used chemicals such as sodium metabisulphide and/or gluderaldehyde and/or quaternary ammonium; all these chemicals are unfriendly to the environment and our health.

Sanisorb is a completely inert mineral (it’s even edible). By eliminating moisture and drawing the air inside the unit through its unique molecular structure all odour causing bacteria are eliminated.Sanitary Bag DispensingThe waste in turn is completely dry, preventing the risk of spillage and contamination by chemicals.

Sanitary Bag dispensers and Saniwipes

Sanitary Bag dispensers and Saniwipes also supplied and serviced.