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Message mats, anti-fatigue mats, retail mats, photo-realistic mats, welcome mats, and more.



Similar uses to the Cleanscrape, but being slightly thicker rubber has good anti-fatigue properties. Also useful as a first line of defence against dirt entering buildings. Holes allowing dirt to fall through and also provide scrapping action ...

SuperScraper Mat

The ultimate HEAVY DUTY SCRAPER mat. Ideal for outdoor applications. Manufactured specifically for heavy duty and outdoor applications, the Super Scraper mat acts as a tough first line of defence in all weather conditions. Its hard wearing construction - made of strong solution dyed mono filament yarns - removes excessive ...

Cero Plus Scraper Mat

Cero Mats are designed to provide the perfect balance between dirt pick-up and moisture absorption. Cero textile consists of alternating rows of solution dyed nylon fibre and monofilament polyamide fibres. The end result is a rich and unique design that simulates installed aluminium matting systems with the flexibility of a ...

Ergonomic Comfort Mat

Small 85 x 60cm mat with air filled domes to support staff standing in a stationary position on all floor surfaces especially concrete and tiles. Will extend the life of carpeted areas ...


Is the workhorse of the range, this heavy duty scraper/safety mat is as good as it gets for environments where traction is essential. Ideal for kitchens, locker rooms, behind bars and production areas. The 100% nitrile rubber will resist oil and grease and contains an anti-microbial agent unlike cheaper recycled ...

Photo Realistic

Send us a high resolution photo for your business and we will have it printed onto a mat that will make a great impression. So many uses from Travel agents to Optometrists, Bike and Car showrooms, Resorts and Motels. We also have a range of mat designs for specific businesses ...

Cotton Fibre Mats

Made from solution dyed cotton on 100% nitrile rubber backing these mats hold their colour well and are very absorbent. Great for high traffic areas such as halls, stairwells and entrances. Reduce noise and clatter on wooden and tiled floors. No static properties. Standard colours Black / White or Black ...

Standard Solution Dyed Mats

Nylon fibre is dyed before mat manufacture which gives better colour retention. The crush-resistant pile traps dirt better and extends the performance life of the mat when washed regularly. The nylon fibre produces a static charge attracting dust in the air. The nitrile rubber backing is slip-resistant and resists oil ...

Inkjet Printed Logo Mats

Image printed onto nylon fibre nitrile rubber backed mat. Send us your Logo and colour choices and we will provide you with designs for a custom made logo mat printed in a choice of 42 colours to enhance your shop, school hotel, office etc. The Nitrile rubber backing provides maximum ...

Generic Safety Mats

A variety or designs and messages on 85 x 150cm mats that keep your staff aware and thinking. Change design regularly to keep important safety concerns in the forefront of your staffs’ mind ...

Message Mats

A variety of designs and messages on 85 x 150cm and 85 x 300cm mats. Standard Welcome Mat Collection: We have a selection of colours and designs to welcome your customers to your storefront or building. i.e. Glad You're Here, Welcome, Custom Message Mat: Design your own special welcome for your ...
anti fatigue mat

Clean Through Plus

Has anti-fatigue and safety features like the Cleanscrape but also holes that make it particularly useful in kitchens, bars, locker rooms, pool areas or wherever wet floors are a possibility ...