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Any mat will become ineffective if not cleaned regularly. The dirt just builds up and if not removed will eventually be walked into the building. Also the dirt can cut the fibres shortening the life of your mat. A dirty mat looks worse then no mat at all! If your mat is washable call us. We will pick up, wash and return your mat for $20 to $30 depending on size. For an extra $10 we can leave you a replacement mat while yours in washed.

Other Large Article Wash Services.

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Please note: we are unable to wash wool of any sort and hessian backed rugs. Help with Wool Items and Hessian Rugs

Wool Doona / Blankets: If you unable to use a Dry Cleaner then use your bath tub and a strong bloke.
Wool Mix recipe: 4 cups of Lux Flakes, 1 cup of mehtylated spirits, 1 cup of eucalyptus oil. Mix together and bottle dissolve mixture in hot water, cool slightly then wash by kneading gently. Rinse and dry carefully. Air all Doonas regularly – sunshine deters bed bugs!

Contact Details Dry Cleaners:

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Hessian Backed Rugs: regular beating and vacuuming. Stains need to be removed quickly before they set. Use little water as possible. Mop frequently with a dry towel and dry as quickly as possible using a hair dryer.

Carpet Shampoo recipe: half cup of pure soap (Velvet or Sunlight not soap flakes) 3 ablespoons of washing soda, 3 tablespoons of cloudy ammonia, 5 cups of boiling water. Boil soap in the water until dissolved. Add washing soda and cloudy ammonia. Pour into wide-necked screw top jars when cool. This enables you to scoop out the mixture with a spoon. Label bottle clearly. Place a small amount of the soap mix onto the e mark. Lather with a cloth and some hot water. Use as little water as possible. Wipe off excess with clean absorbent cloth. Old towels are excellent. Stand on them so your weight will squeeze out the water. To deodorise a smelly carpet sprinkle bicarb soda over the surface and leave overnight before vacuuming. For a quick spot clean apply shaving cream or soda water or mineral water – wash off with a little warm water and mop dry. Repeat if stain persists.


taken from ‘The Green Cleaner’ by Barbara Lord.

Contact details for Carpet Cleaners are as follows: (hundreds in the yellow pages. Recommendations welcomed)

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