Insect Control

insect-01PYSECT is made with natural Pyrethrum which is the safest, most rapid killer of flies and other flying insects. It is safe and non toxic to humans and warm blooded animals, yet efficient and deadly to insects. Kills and repels a variety of insects like flies, mosquitoes, moths, ants, silverfish, fleas, cockroaches, spiders and earwigs. It is approved for use in food processing areas.

PYSECT contains a fresh outdoor scented fragrance that has no lingering insecticide odour.

insect02One aerosol can will protect a room or building of approx. 170 cubicmetres for up to 30 days, 24 hours per day. PYSECT is a powerful tool for use in areas where fruit flies, gnats and the common house fly or mosquitoes are an indoor problem. The aerosols are designed to produce very tiny droplets of spray that are light weight. This lightness allows the droplets to “float” about the area instead of merely falling to the floor as would a large drop of water.

As these particles float about the room, insects flying in the area are killed. It is in this manner that certain areas of businesses or homes are kept free of flies, mosquitoes and other indoor flying pests. The tiny droplets are large enough to kill pests but not large enough to pose threats to humans and pets when used as directed.

insect-03PYSECT creates an invisible barrier that repels flying and crawling pests. It is ultra concentrated to work faster and last longer.