Hand Soaps & Protection


A range of sturdy dispensers are available. Pictured is the most popular. It is suitable for a gentle soap or antibacterial soap are supplied and serviced generally every 4 weeks depending on use. These dispensers can also be serviced with hand lotion and sunscreen – an added convenience for your customers and staff which is sure to be appreciated. Also spray and foam dispensers can be supplied and serviced if preferred.

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Dispenser HandCleaningDispenser

Works with any type of industrial soap. Large Capacity 4lt bottle. Easy to Use. Robust mechanism designed for daily use. Serviced with Industrial Heavy Duty Hand Soap which is tough on dirt. Fresh Lemon Fragrance with moisturising agents for daily use. Normally serviced 4 weekly depending on use.

Toilet Seat Sanitising Flushable Wipetoilet-paper

Scintilla dispenses virusidal/bactericidal toilet seat wet wipes. The specially impregnated wipes kill 99.99% of bacteria found on toilet seats and conform to European bacterial and fungicidal standards. Simple and effective the toilet seat wipes are dispensed via a single wipe dispensing aperture to minimise waste and are bio=degradable so can be disposed of by flushing. Refilled and cleaned 4 weekly depending on use.

Sanitary Bag Dispenser.

Will lock away germs/bacteria and bad odour. Perfect compliment
to a sanitary service. Impact resistant ABS plastic.

Service only available with Sanitary Unit service.

See Cotton Hand Towel Service for consumer and environmentally friendly hand drying.