Fragrance & Sanitisers

Digital aerosol fragrance dispensersFragrance-03Fragrance-01Fragrance-02

keep your washroom smelling great. Our fragrances eliminate tobacco and bathroom odours and are non-chlorinated. Each dispenser will cover an area of up to 170 cubic metres. Overtime your nose may have gotten use to the smell so it is recommended to change the scent regularly.

Aerosol units can be adjusted to spray at any interval.

Servicing generally required every 4 weeks. For businesses sensitive to aerosols fan forced dispensers propel fragrance from natural oil based infused blocks which will last up to 4 weeks and also come in a variety of scents.

Scented environments not only mask unpleasant odours in bathrooms and gyms but can improve customer satisfaction in any showroom or office space.

Sweet Loo Sanitisers SweetLoo-01123SweetLoo-02

Require no plumbing and delivers a measured dose of sanitising fluid with each flush. Cleansing from the cistern to beyond the S bend the sanitiser clings to surfaces eliminating bacteria and odour leaving a fresh scent. Clear for Urinals and Blue for WC cisterns. Generally serviced every 4 weeks depending on flush frequency.

Unitabs / UFOUFO-01UFO-02

Protect pipe work and fixtures from costly maintenance and time consuming cleaning. Automatically cleans, descales, deodorises with every flush. Specially formulated to prevent waste build-up. When flushing the urinal water dissolves a portion of the waxy composition contained in the block, releasing its bacteriostatic ingredients and refreshing scent.

The UFO is a Heavy Duty Concentrate Urinal Maintainer. Stronger Fragrance and Active Ingredients to prevent odours and bacteria from multiplying and growing in pipes and fixtures. Serviced every 4 weeks depending on frequency of flushing.